Addmotor Honors Father's Day: Exclusive Electric Trike Deals for the Unique Gift

2024/6/7 20:17:04

EL MONTE, Calif., June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Addmotor, a leading innovator in electric bicycles and tricycles, is thrilled to announce a special Father's Day Event starting June 5. Get ready to enjoy slashed prices off its entire collection of e-bikes and e-trikes.

Addmotor Honors Father's Day - Exclusive Electric Trike Deals for the Unique Gift
Addmotor Honors Father's Day - Exclusive Electric Trike Deals for the Unique Gift

To make this occasion extra memorable this year, Addmotor introduces the highly anticipated GRANDTAN X full suspension electric trike at a discounted rate. As the latest addition to Addmotor's esteemed GRANDTAN electric trike series, the GRANDTAN X is an ideal gift for fathers who enjoy outdoor activities without compromising on comfort, stability, and performance.

Available in Army Green and Neptune Blue colors, this new e-trike stands out with the following key features.

  • Full Suspension System:  The GRANDTAN X has a robust dual suspension system. The front oil suspensions and rear spring shock absorbers work together to smooth out bumps, minimize jolts, and ensure a comfortable journey regardless of the terrain. This feature makes the GRANDTAN X ideal for both city commuting and off-road adventures.
  • Powerful Rear Motor:  With its high-performance 750W rear motor, the GRANDTAN X provides ample power and torque, allowing for easy navigation over inclines and flat surfaces alike.
  • UL 2271 Battery Pack: Safety is paramount, which is why the GRANDTAN X includes the world's first 960Wh UL-recognized battery, which only takes 8-10 hours for a full charge. More importantly, it can withstand heavy rain to ensure peace of mind with every ride throughout the year.
  • Rear Speed Differential:  This feature allows for sharper turns and better stability at higher speeds, making the GRANDTAN X a safe, reliable choice for riders of all skill levels.
  • Convenient Parking Brake:   The integrated parking brake adds an extra layer of security, allowing users to park the tricycle confidently on any slope. The wheels lock in place when this feature is activated to prevent accidental slips.
  • Durable Frame:   The construction of the GRANDTAN X features a high-quality, swan-shaped bike frame that stands up to the rigors of frequent use. It has adjustable components to fit various body types and preferences. Also, the step-thru design makes it easier for riders to get on and off the trike while lending a stylish look overall.

Joining the GRANDTAN X in Addmotor's impressive lineup for the Father's Day event are several other models.

1.      GREATTAN L Passenger Electric Trike  – Perfect for Family Outings

This dual-battery trike with a rear passenger seat offers ample space and comfort for both the rider and a passenger. It promotes quality family time while exploring the outdoors, making it a wonderful choice for those who cherish shared experiences. Key features of this trike include a 750W brushless rear drive motor that delivers up to 90 Nm of torque, rear speed differential, fat tires, parking brake, Addmotor EB 2.0 LCD, 5-in-1 taillight, rear footrest board, and an adjustable stem.

2.      ARISETAN M-360 Semi-Recumbent E-Trike  – Epitomizing a Relaxed Riding Experience

This e trike provides exceptional comfort and support, reducing strain on the rider's back and joints. It's an excellent option for those seeking a relaxed riding experience without compromising performance and efficiency. The rear-mounted motor allows better control and handling during acceleration and deceleration, while the front fork suspension minimizes impact on uneven surfaces. This trike also comes with a 5-inch LCD, an EB 2.0 lighting system, a foldable stem, fat tires, a rear speed differential, and a parking brake. Additionally, it has a trailer tube to carry large loads with ease. There's also a Mini version of this trike for shorter riders.

3.      SOLETRI M-366X Electric Trike  – Featuring the Comfiest Banana Seat for Two Adults

For those who appreciate a classic design, the SOLETRI M-366X offers a nostalgic yet contemporary feel. Its banana seat design is reminiscent of traditional motorcycles, and there's enough space to keep a cargo basket behind two riders. This e trike also has a high-capacity battery, 750W hub motor, full suspension for improved traction, an EB 2.0 lighting system, a parking brake, and a wooden footrest. Apart from this, the special step-thru frame ensures mounting and dismounting aren't a hassle.

4.      HEROTAN M-65X Cruiser Electric Bike  – Strong and Durable with a Retro Flair

The HEROTAN M-65X features a step-over frame designed for the adventurous spirit. With its robust build and powerful motor, this bike is ready to tackle any terrain. Whether it's a rugged trail or a city street, it delivers reliable performance and an exhilarating riding experience. A standout feature of this moped-style e-bike is the color contrast for a retro look. Other key features include a 750W rear motor, UL-certified battery, multifunctional taillight, fat tires, 5-inch LCD, and a full suspension system.

Addmotor's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every model, and the Father's Day event is the perfect opportunity to give a unique and practical present that promises countless hours of enjoyment and adventure.

As the sale kicks off on June 5, you're encouraged to explore and take advantage of this limited-time offer.

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